New A 11 Initiative Podcast: How the algorithm and tech fetish abuse basic rights of the poorest

The third instalment in our Social Card podcast series is now available for streaming on In this episode, we further discuss the effects of the controversial Social Card Law.

Initiative A 11 Team frequently does a lot of fieldwork, which serves to examine how the poorest citizens of Serbia, who are suddenly left without social assistance, live their lives.

Since the implementation of the Social Card Law in 2022, more than 44,000 citizens of Serbia have been deleted from the social protection system due to a bizarre, new algorithm that decides who deserves and who does not deserve social assistance. This sum of money is exactly 11,674 dinars per person – not at all enough to help them out.

In this edition we take a closer look at the technology introduced by the state to basically get rid of the poor. Our guest is Andrej Petrovski from the SHARE Foundation, who explains the problem in an extremely comprehensible way.

You will also hear what those who suffered the most damage say – did they have the right to complain when they found out that their last dinar was taken from them? Who are these citizens and where do they live?

Enjoy streaming this “raw” reportage, although the subject of the discussion is not a light topic. The podcast is available in Serbian HERE.

Prepared by: Nađa Marković, Danilo Ćurčić and Gorica Nikolin.