Living and labor conditions of the Linglong factory construction workers from Vietnam
Justiciability of economic and social rights in Serbia
The position of tradeswomen during the pandemic of Covid-19
The Application of the Law on Free Legal Aid from the Perspective of Internally Displaced Persons
Precondition for Integration – The right to work of refugees and asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia
Recommendations for better protection of economic and social rights during and immediately after the crisis caused by the pandemic
Human Rights in Serbia during the First Wave of Coronavirus
What life looks like in informal collective centres in Serbia
Second Class Rights – Social Rights in the Light Austerity Measures


Analysis of Measures Derogating from Human and Minority Rights during the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia caused by the epidemic of infectious disease COVID-19
Deprivation of liberty of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the Republic of Serbia


Joint Submission to the United Nations Human
Rights Committee on Economic, Social and
Cultural Rights on List of Issues for the Third
Periodic Report of the Republic of Serbia
Really useful knowledge
Realisation of Economic and Social Rights for Internally Displaced Persons in Serbia

Belgrade, 2018

Information for the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, Pre-sessional Working group for the 72nd session on reviewing the Republic of Serbia

29 June 2018

The impact of economic reform policies on women’s human rights

Pančevo & Belgrade, April 2016

Report based on the questionnaire prepared by the special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing on the occasion of the preparation of her forthcoming report to the General Assembly on the issue of informal settlements and human rights

Belgrade, May 2018