UN experts deeply concerned by alleged trafficking of Vietnamese migrant workers to Serbia

The United Nations Human Rights Experts – Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings, Special Rapporteur on Modern Forms of Slavery, Special Rapporteur on Migrant Rights and the Working Group on Discrimination and Transnational Corporations, issued a statement on 21 January 2022, expressing serious concern about the alleged forced labour of a group of approximately 400 Vietnamese migrant workers, who are reported to be victims of trafficking in Serbia.

According to information they received, eight companies, including Vietnamese labour recruitment agencies and Chinese construction companies registered in Serbia, have allegedly been implicated in serious human rights abuses against Vietnamese migrant workers.

“We are deeply concerned that these migrant workers may have been trafficked for purposes of forced labour, and have been living and working in appalling conditions in Serbia, at serious risk to their lives and health,” the statement said.

Experts also urged the governments of Serbia, Vietnam and China to ensure that companies located on their territory or operating under their jurisdiction respect the human rights of all workers.

The statement also referred to allegations that civil society organizations were not allowed to access the locations where workers were accommodated in order to provide assistance.

The full press release can be found at this link.