Social Right Days – May Gatherings held in Belgrade from 22th to 24th of May

Debates about current issues, a film projection and an exhibition were some of the engaging activities held at the most recent May Gatherings of A 11 Initiative in Belgrade, Serbia.

This year’s event focused particularly on addressing homelessness, poverty, challenges within the social protection system, and important economic and social rights matters.

The A 11 Initiative team, along with numerous participants and guests, discussed the matter of digitalization in the public sector, homelessness, poverty and on of the most important recent matters for A 11 Initiative – the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Guests had the opportunity to watch the film “Hotel Dvojka,” which sheds light on homeless people who often use the public transport line as shelter.

The event, held in the Center for Cultural Decontamination, featured professionals, activists, professors, individuals experiencing homelessness, and socially vulnerable individuals. Guests also had a very rare opportunity to learn firsthand about how socially vulnerable citizens in Serbia are treated by the social protection system.

In its first activity, A 11 Initiative presented its biennial report, in which we offered a comprehensive overview of practices, innovations, legislation, challenges, and recommendations aimed at enhancing economic and social rights in the Republic of Serbia.

This report highlights key challenges in the areas of labor rights, rights to health and social protection, education, and adequate housing, stressing the necessity for open dialogue on these essential rights within our society.

A 11 Initiative also prepared an exhibition featuring the work of international photographer Daniele Stefanizzi. Born in Bologna and raised in Lecce, this international photographer focuses on portraying life in informal Roma settlements in Serbia through his photography.

The author’s work focuses on socially engaged reportage photography. Over the years, his photographs have been featured in numerous international magazines and has been commended for raising awareness about the hardships experienced by socially vulnerable individuals.

We express gratitude to everyone who visited this year’s event and we welcome all back next year! Thank you for your time and trust in our work.

The A 11 Initiative team.