Practicum for Economic and Social Rights

Since March 21, 2018, the A11 Initiative for Economic and Social Rights, in cooperation with the Union University Faculty of Law, has been implementing the Practicum for Economic and Social Rights at the Union University Faculty od Law.

The purpose of the Practicum is to provide an opportunity to students to get a better understanding of the basic theoretical principles on which economic and social rights are based, their place in the system of human rights protection, on both the universal and regional level, as well as some of the challenges related to the exercise of those rights in Republic of Serbia.

Furthermore, the program of the Practicum offers practical tools for practicing economic and social rights, and its goal is to highlight the most important aspects of said rights through concrete examples of problems citizens of Republic of Serbia face regularly. Another goal is to offer the framework necessary for achieving better understanding of specific topics connected with exercising those rights. More information about the Practicum and its program can be found here.