Available now: A 11 Initiative’s first podcast in a new series

The A 11 initiative has just released the first episode in a new podcast series dedicated to the Social Card Information System.

The social card is a major focus of our work. In this series, in a detailed, but direct and concise way, we analyze the background of the entire issue of the Social Card Law and the register that the law introduced, we bring opinions and conclusions of experts from several fields concerning the work of the register and centers for social work, as well as stories from the field.

Namely, our team did a significant job on the field, talking with citizens who are directly affected by the implementation of the controversial Social Card Law – which, due to all the devastating effects, should be immediately repealed.

In our podcast, you will also hear their stories, which accurately and correctly describe the situation caused by the implementation of the Social Card Act. This podcast is in the form of a radio reportage, with impressions from the field and direct conversations in informal Roma settlements, imperfect and “raw” – as, unfortunately, is the law we’ve been talking about for two years.

In this edition, scientific associate from the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Irena Fiket, gives us her view of the situation. Follow our series and in the next editions you will hear the views of our other expert interlocutors.

Listen to this episode (in Serbian) on our page on the podcast.rs platform. You can listen to all previous podcasts of our team HERE. Thank you for following our work!

Prepared by: Nađa Marković, Danilo Ćurčić and Gorica Nikolin.