Applications are Open for the New Program of the School of Economic and Social Rights

A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights is organizing the School of Economic and Social Rights this year!

We invite all those who are interested in issues of social justice, discrimination, economic and social rights and inequality that we see at every step to apply for participation in the new program of the School of Economic and Social Rights.

All interested participants can send applications by November 18, 2021, to the address:

Along with the application, it is necessary to submit a curriculum vitae and a short motivation letter for attending the School of Economic and Social Rights. Fluency in English is desirable because of the materials that will be used during the School.

The school will last six weeks – from November 20 to December 25, 2021, and in agreement with the participants, we will also organize subsequent workshops and lectures and host our colleagues from other Serbian and international associations, practitioners, lecturers and professors who are involved in topics of importance for the improvement of economic and social rights.

Lectures will take place in blocks, once a week on Zoom. The School’s program will provide participants with the opportunity to become more familiar with the basic principles on which the economic and social systems are based, their place in the system of human rights protection at the universal and regional level, numerous challenges regarding the realization of these rights in Serbia, and different ways of fighting for their protection and promotion.

Thanks to the lecturers dealing with the protection of economic and social rights, as well as guest lecturers, the program will offer practical tools for dealing with these rights, try to shed light on their most important aspects and provide a framework for understanding them through the prospective of the problems faced by the Serbian citizens.

During the School program, we will also deal with the topics of growing social inequality, poverty, social exclusion, discrimination of minority and marginalized communities, as well as the impact of economic policies, austerity measures and the corona virus on the realization of these rights. In addition, we will discuss some of the systemic problems in the realization of the right to social protection, housing, work and employment in Serbia.

A detailed program and handouts will be provided to those students who will be enrolled.