Another Proof of Roma Discrimination in Niš

After collecting additional evidences of discrimination, the A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights filed a complaint with the Commissioner for Protection of Equality against taxi associations that refused to transport Roma women and men in Niš.

A few weeks ago, the media published an article originally posted on social networks presenting the Rulebook of an unknown taxi association in Niš that refuses to transport Roma women and men in this city. This document under the section „Irregular Calls“ states that Roma are not desirable customers and explains a number of steps to be taken when Roma try to take or call a taxi in this city.

In order to prove the existence of discrimination against Roma when trying to use taxi services, the A 11 Initiative conducted the situation testing in Niš. Since Roma individuals taking part in the situation testing were not provided with taxi service, while in the same situation the service was provided to non-Roma citizens,  the allegations of discriminatory treatment of the taxi drivers against Roma persons were confirmed and additional evidences necessary for the proceeding for protection against discrimination collected.

Such a denial of transportation services constitutes an impermissible violation of the Constitution, the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination and the Law on Passenger Road Transport. Therefore, we expect from relevant local authorities in Niš to take actions in order to prevent further discrimination of Roma, to initiate procedures that will result in punishment of those responsible for such treatment and to examine fulfillment of the conditions for the taxi transportation of all taxi operators who refuse to transport Roma citizens.

The A 11 Initiative will continue to conduct situation testing and check compliance with the anti-discrimination regulations of taxi associations operating in Niš.