Another A 11 Initiative’s School of Economic and Social Rights of Initiative A 11 successfully completed

Initiative A 11 successfully concluded our School of Economic and Social Rights, which was attended by many participants from Serbia and throughout the region.

A total of 27 participants of the fourth consecutive School of Economic and Social Rights learned about the nature of economic and social rights and their place in the human rights protection system, problems of discrimination and oppression, as well as issues of access to the right to adequate housing, social protection, work, health care and education.

From November 2023 to the end of February 2024, our participants had the opportunity to listen (live and online) to lectures by domestic and foreign experts, as well as members of organizations and activist groups from the broader fields of economic and social rights. Members of the legal team of Initiative A 11 also presented their experiences from the field and working with users, as well as from many legal battles with decision makers.

The School of Economic and Social Rights is realized as a weekend course intended for those who work in the system and are well acquainted with it, who are actively involved in the struggle for rights and justice, but those who have no previous experience and only carry a large the desire to acquire new knowledge can also participate.

“I met many people from different professions, as well as from the region, not narrowly specified only for social protection and that was very significant because of experiences from different countries. What is rare today, and was very common here, is the freedom we had at the School to talk about current and diverse topics that are not only about exercising rights, but are also important in terms of quality of life. I would recommend everyone to register in the new cycle because, in addition to new acquaintances, you gain new knowledge and open up perspectives that you wouldn’t have thought about before”, says participant and master social worker Dijana Janković about her experience.

Ivan Arsenov, a volunteer from Pančevo, found out about the School of Economic and Social Rights on A 11 Initiative+s social networks. He says that he did not previously had such extensive knowledge about economic and social rights, nor did he have an idea where he could find the information presented at the School.

“Everything was presented fluently, easy to access, the presentations are excellent and informative – you get a complete picture of something you knew little or nothing about. I would invite anyone who is curious to apply for the next competition because this is not only about law and justice in society, it’s also about climate transition, about how people who are in worse situations fight in the system. You should apply if you want to meet people who also aim for a just and progressive society,” says our student, who received his certificate of successful attendance at the School at the closing ceremony on Sunday, February 25 2024.

The fifth School of Economic and Social Rights is planned for November of the current year. For application details and the School’s work program, follow A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights on the official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we will publish everything you need to know about the new cycle of lectures.

Initiative A 11 would like to thank all the associates who participated in the implementation of the program this year, as well as all those who registered as participants and expressed their desire to join us.

We look forward to meeting new people in a few months.