Announcement: On the False Allegations about Work of the A11 Initiative

On the false allegations about our work, made today in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and in a live broadcast on Radio Television of Serbia by MP Đorđe Todorović, a member of the presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party, we would like to inform the public of the following:

The A 11 Initiative is a non-profit and non-partisan citizen association which promotes and protects the economic and social rights of the most vulnerable citizens of the Republic of Serbia, such as Roma men and women, displaced persons from Kosovo, persons in situations of homelessness and all those who cannot achieve their basic economic, social and other human rights.

In less than five years since our establishment, we have contributed to the fact that those who have long been forgotten in state policies and regulations live a little more dignified life and can exercise their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. We prevented forced evictions, cases of labor exploitation, helped numerous citizens to exercise their rights before the centers for social work, to register their residence, to get water, protected them from discrimination and empower them so that they can become at least a shade more equal members of this society.

We are surprised by the incorrect information about the alleged non-publication of the 2021 financial report, especially due to the fact that the data of the Business Registers Agency is publicly available and that the latest published report, submitted on March 30, 2022, can be seen at this link, as a regular annual financial report and filed as “entered in the Register and disclosed as complete and accurate”, with a confirmation dated April 6, 2022.

Since our establishment, we have implemented clear administrative and financial procedures that guarantee that not a single dinar is used for purposes not foreseen by the projects. In its previous work, the A 11 Initiative was subject to 9 financial and one system audit, in which not a single omission or violation of regulations was found.

Our organization has not used a single dinar of budget funds so far, nor will it do so in the future.

We are proud and happy to have partners and donors who help us protect and promote the economic and social rights of those who are the most vulnerable. All information about our ongoing projects and donors is available here, and information about implemented projects is available here.

We will continue to work in the same way to improve economic and social rights in the coming period.

We invite all those who have doubts about our work to inform all relevant inspection authorities in the Republic of Serbia.