A Criminal Complaint Filed Against the Principle of the Preschool Institution in Pećinci

The A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights submitted today a criminal complaint to the competent prosecutor’s office against the principle of the Preschool Institution “Vladimir Obradović Kameni” in Pećinci due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that she committed the criminal offense of negligent work referred to in Article 361 paragraph 1 and paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code.

The criminal complaint was filed because the principle of the Preschool Institution, Anita Volčevski, violated the law, regulations and other general acts by conducting illegal and negligent work, which led to a gross violation of the rights of children N.M., J.M. and S.M.

We remind you that children who had been previously enrolled in the Preschool Institution “Vladimir Obradović Kameni” were illegally expelled and placed on the “waiting list” this year because their parents or relatives are connected to an opposition party or are its members and local officials.

Despite the fact that the Educational Inspection determined a gross violation of regulations by the Preschool Institution “Vladimir Obradović Kameni” and ordered the correction of the omission, the children N.M., J.M. and S.M. have not been able to attend the kindergarten for more than a month, and their parents were forced to adjust their work schedule and other obligations to the new situation in which, despite meeting all the conditions, their children were suddenly not able to attend the kindergartens.

Although the parents approached all competent authorities, their problems have not been resolved to date, and none of those responsible for violating the children’s rights has been held accountable. That is why the A 11 Initiative filed a criminal complaint today; in addition, an addendum to the complaint for discrimination that the parents previously submitted to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality has been also filed.

Gross violation of children’s rights and violation of the principle of the best interests of the child because its adults family members are members of a political party is absolutely unacceptable in Serbia. That is why we call on the preschool institution once again to change its illegal decisions, and the authorities to determine responsibility for the violation of children’s rights so that they can continue to attend their kindergarten unhindered.