A 11 Initiative launched a platform for help providing and information sharing related to the most vulnerable groups


Based on the previous experience in work with most vulnerable groups, A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights has recognized the need for establishing a tool which would enable information collecting and information sharing about the state and needs of most vulnerable groups members in Serbia, and launched a platform called “The Alert” (Serbian: Dojavi) which will provide a possibility for the information to be gathered so the help for the most vulnerable could be delivered as soon as possible.

“The Alert” platform will serve as a tool for communication and information exchange between CSOs, volunteers, donor community and individuals who are informed about the specific needs and problems which the most vulnerable (informal settlements and collective centre residents, homeless people and individual households) are facing ‘on field’, so help for those in need could be timely and efficient.

Through their communication, users of the platform will be able to go in more details with the needs of every specific data entry from the platform database, so the help for those in need could be delivered in accordance to available resources and filed situation.

After the registration, each user of this platform can see the needs of diverse groups, classified by the cities and the grade of help urgency, or can enter his/her own data which indicate to need of some group. With the help of the map of Republic of Serbia, that can be also found on this platform, users will be able to find the exact location of the settlement/household in need for support.

We are inviting all the actors who are providing help to the mentioned vulnerable groups to fill in information into platform database, so that the platform could become the unique collection of information which would be updated in accordance with the current state of need, and tool that will help the information be exchanged on time and the vulnerability of those in need be recognized in a proper way.


This project is financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade