A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights has organised training „Administrative justice and obtaining the rights of the vulnerable groups”

Within the project Operationalisation of human rights- from policy to local levels, A 11 – Initiative For Economic and Social Rights has, with the support of the British Embassy in Belgrade”, organised training “Administrative justice and obtaining the rights of the vulnerable groups”

The training has been organised as next step in conducting activities that were focused on new approach to human rights and their application in practice. It was carried out with the goal of additional empowerment of experts who apply Law on General Administtrative Procedure in everyday work, as well as attention to approach and needs of the vulnerable groups. The event was opened by prof. Dr Jelena Jerinić, a professor at the Union University Faculty of Law, who spoke to participants about the Law on General Administrative Procedure and the role of administrative justice in obtaining the rights of the vulnerable groups. The training was held by Nuala Mole, founder and director of the AIRE centre. Nuala Mole has elaborated on the topics of application of International Covenants in administrative procedures, the Right to a trial within a reasonable time, discrimination in proceedings of local authorities – application of discriminatory laws. The last segment of training was dedicated to conversation with participants as well as exchanging the experience.

The participants were persons employed in professional service of Ombudsoffice , the Secretariat for Social Welfare in the City of Belgrade, as well as representatives of the organisation of Civil Societies who work on reforming the local authorities and representing parties in administrative proceedings. The participants were especially interested, next to presenting the practice of European Court for Human Rights, in the subject of the Right to a trial within the reasonable time and the problem of application of discriminatory laws.