Protecting the rights and personal data of social protection system beneficiaries

Donor: Internews Network

Project duration: November 2022 – July 2023

 Within this project, we are focusing on the new Law on Social Card in Serbia and the use of automated decision-making in social protection system that this Law has brought. Moreover, we analyse and advocate against the inherent bias towards and surveillance of the most vulnerable groups of the population.

The project includes several key activities: 

  • Monitoring the implementation of the Law on Social Card in Serbia
  • Establishing the community of practice on the Law on Social Card gathering stakeholders who work directly in the fields crucial for the new Law – social protection, discrimination, digital rights, personal data protection.
  • Campaigning in order to point out the need for the repeal of the Law on Social Card and communicate the protection mechanisms in cases where social benefits are suspended due to the implementation of the Social Card system.