Improving institutional practices in preventing discrimination against women in the labour market in Serbia

Donor: Kosovo Women’s Network

Project duration: January 2020 – April 2021


The main idea of this project is to empower institutions to full use of their jurisdiction for antidiscrimination on labour and about labour and also enhancement of anti-discriminatory measures of institutions especially when it comes to labour discrimination of particularly vulnerable group – Roma women.  Project has an aim to influence state institution, especially Labour Inspectorate and National Employment Agency, to create concrete policies, projects and strategies for women that are coming from marginalized communities.

The following activities are planed:

  • Examining if the Labour Inspectorate is using its jurisdiction when it comes to anti-discriminatory regulations of Labour Law via creating and sending requests for information of public importance to all the offices of the Inspectorate in Serbia;
  • Creating analyses and recommendations about gender-based discrimination cases before Labour Inspectorate:
  • Creating an advocacy plan together with other stakeholders that are dealing with gender-based discrimination on labour;
  • Cooperation with other relevant institutions for the purpose of enhancement of regulation, practices and public policies when it comes to protection of women from discrimination on labour and about labour.