Improved local integration of internally displaced persons through enhanced access to social rights

Donor: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Project duration: January 2021 – December 2021

The goal of the project that we are implementing with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is to contribute to the local integration of the most vulnerable internally displaced persons by strengthening the protection of their human rights, namely their right to adequate housing and social protection, as well as other economic and social rights and by providing help in solving legal issues that hinder internally displaced persons in exercising those rights.

The project is divided into several clusters:

  • Protection of rights, provision of information and counseling of at least 600 internally displaced persons and representation of at least 40 of them in front of administrative bodies and courts in the Republic of Serbia, as well as follow-up of 2020 cases;
  • Advocating for the improvement of the legal framework and public policies related to economic and social rights of internally displaced persons;
  •  Empowering local communities to seek better realization of their economic and social rights;
  • Organizing meetings with civil society organizations, Roma organizations and activists in order to cooperate in the field of integration of internally displaced persons;
  • Conducting research and preparing two publications with recommendations for improving access to social rights, primarily in the field of the social protection system and its impact on the integration of internally displaced persons in the Republic of Serbia.