Marko Vasiljević

Advocacy Coordinator

Marko Vasiljević graduated psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade. He also completed a two-semester interdisciplinary Peace Studies course organized by Group MOST as well as Women’s Studies organized by the Women’s Studies Center. During several years of his education Marko was actively dealing with student policy and engaged in activism. He gained experience in monitoring, documenting and reporting human rights violations and discrimination of Roma during the years he spent working in the Regional Center for Minorities. He cooperated with numerous local and international human rights organizations as well as with independent institutions, especially in activities related to the realization of capacity raising educational programs which focused on the prevention of various forms of discrimination and the realization of the right to adequate housing.

Marko is particularly interested in the issue of social mobility and its relation to access to institutional education as well as with the fight against segregation and other exclusionary practices of Roma children in the educational system. He is currently attending the program for Constructivist Psychotherapy organized by the Serbian Constructivist Association. He has been part of the A11 Initiative since its inception, and you can contact him via email at: