The City of Belgrade Must Urgently Provide Protection to the Homeless during the Pandemic

In the week marking the International Human Rights Day, civil society organizations are drawing attention to the catastrophic situation the homeless people in Belgrade are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Namely, in addition to the exclusion and rejection from the community that homeless people face already in regular circumstances, the coronavirus pandemic has further aggravated their position. The lack of a roof over their heads, poor hygienic conditions in which they live, lack of food and clothing in light of the risk of infection are now even more critical.

All this situation is additionally aggravated by the fact that the Shelter for Adults and the Elderly did not accept homeless people referred to them by the centers for social work in Belgrade  in the period from March 15 to November 16, 2020. According to the available data, in the above period, the Shelter received at least 43 referrals for temporary accommodation, none of which was implemented.

We also note that after the intervention of human rights organizations, several new beneficiaries were admitted to the Shelter, as well as that an isolation block with only nine beds was established. We welcome this step, but we use the opportunity to point out that the Shelter and its founder, the City of Belgrade, must find a systemic solution as soon as possible for insufficient capacities in order to be able to accommodate homeless people and for the unhindered reception of all citizens in need.

During the pandemic, the operation of institutions is of particular importance, but we need solidarity more than ever. Therefore, we invite you, if you can, to bring in-kind (clothes, food, etc.) or monetary donations to ADRA Serbia (4, Radoslava Grujića Street).

In order to help our homeless citizens at the moment, it is necessary to collect the following items: mostly men’s clothing (especially jackets, pants, tracksuits, hoodies and socks), and warm women’s clothing (pants and winter jackets), winter shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks, dry and canned food and hygiene products. For the monetary donations, the bank account number is 265-6030310000270-03.

ADRA Serbia will receive donations every working day in the period December 7 – 18, between 10 am and 4 pm, and later distribute it to all its beneficiaries and citizens in need.


  1. ADRA Serbia
  2. A 11 – Initiative for Economic and Social Rights
  3. Izlazak – Association for Supporting Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts
  4. KlikAktiv – Center for Development of Social Policies
  5. Lice Ulice -Support to Marginalized Groups
  6. Solidarna kuhinja – Solidarity Kitchen
  7. Joint Action Roof Over the Head