Improving Social and Economic Rights of Marginalized Groups

Donor: Olof Palme International Center (core support)

Support duration: January 2020 – December 2024


With the core support of “Olof Palme International Center”, A 11 Initiative is working to improve social and economic rights protection of marginalized groups through an increase of participation of marginalized communities in a process of decision making. The mentioned aim is being conducted through the four mutually compatible group of activities: information, solidarity, education, protection.

Some of the activities that will be implemented in this course of support:

  • Organizing school of economic and social rights through which citizens, activist and CSOs will be able to increase their knowledge about the main concepts and questions related to protection of economic and social rights;
  • Documenting and reporting about the cases of breaches of economic and social rights;
  • Establishing centers for exchange of gathered knowledge and informing communities about social and economic rights protection problems and mechanisms for their protection;
  • Various activities for establishing network/movement which would be inclusive, responsive and efficient in advocating for reassessing the dominant policies in austerity measures and erosion of economic and social rights in Serbia.