Announcement: Social Rights Days

This year’s Social Rights Days will take place from May 31 to June 2, 2023, in Belgrade. As in previous years, our intention is to bring together activists and people interested in protecting economic and social rights in Serbia and across the region during the Social Rights Days.

This year’s program focuses on issues that have recently proven to be of great importance to the realization and the protection of economic and social rights, issues of technology and its impact on economic and social rights, education and mobilization for better protection of economic and social rights, and housing crisis which could compromise the exercise not only of  the right to adequate housing, but other human rights, as well.

The Social Rights Day will be opened by a workshop on how technology affects the realization of economic, social and other rights; colleagues from the technology and human rights research department of Amnesty International and Share Foundation will organize a workshop open to activists and people who want to learn more about the ways in which technology affects the achievement of these rights and the way to address the issue of transparency and discriminatory practices that arise when using the technology.

The second day of the Social Rights Days will be devoted to the gathering of alumni of our School of Economic and Social Rights. During this gathering, we will first present the proceedings of the participants of the School; through the experiences of our partner organization ABF from Sweden, known for its education programs for trade unions and Serbian counterparts who have implement educational programs, we aim to find ways of improving existing programs, so that more citizens can be involved in the fight for the promotion of economic and social rights at local or national levels.

On the same day, we will discuss housing crises in Serbia, and we will gather activists, researchers and organizations who have worked for years on improving the right to housing in Serbia and bringing this issue back to the attention of the public. During this session, we will work together to bring to light successful examples of the struggle for these rights and to answer questions about the inability to mobilize and involve citizens in such struggles. Moreover, we will discuss innovative models aimed at improving housing affordability and ensuring greater involvement of citizens in the processes related to the development of cities.

The last day of the program is scheduled for a gathering of organizations from the region, where we will continue discussions about further strengthening of cooperation between organizations involved in the protection and the improvement of economic and social rights in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The Social Rights Days program will be held at Kafe Bar 16, 15A, Cetinjska Street in Belgrade.